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Your vehicle is one of the important accessories you have in your life. You don't realize how much you need it until it's down for the count. Then you are left stranded. Whether it's just a beater or a diamond that you got to select yourself, you have a van, sports car, sedan, or a truck. This vehicle takes you to work, on dates, shopping, etc. You want take care of your vehicle because it takes care of you.

Unfortunately, most vehicles are just used and abused. Besides putting gas in it, many individuals only fix things when they hear a noise or something drastic happens. Your vehicle should be maintained for a longer life. Basic maintenance can help your car survive well over the 200k mile marker. Though you keep it maintained you still will have those unexpected factors that are out of your control.  Pot Holes, Nails, dead battery, or that check engine light that magically appeared. U'GO Pros has brought you a team of professionals that are available to come to your doorstep or that has a place ready at their shop.  You put out your request and then select the pro or location of your choice. The service doesn't just stop at mechanical repairs, but we have auto detailing, roadside assistance, tinting, and more

Detailing Exterior/Interior Wash

When you get your new car, you may say to yourself this car will always be clean inside and out.  But then something happens, you go through a drive thru for the tenth time and you drop a fry (again). This time you can't find it so you tell yourself it's ok I’m going to vacuum.  But then you get too busy.  Soon your backseat is full of supplies and you got a lot of junk in your trunk.  Someone needs a ride but you have no room and now you have to tell them this with your head down in shame.  Here at U'GO Pros we have the option of mobile exterior/ interior detailing to come to you and get your auto looking like new again. We offer Full Service Car Wash, wax, vacuum, leather and vinyl cleaning, engine cleaning, car deodorizer, and more, leaving you with the thought of "I'd buy that again!" 

Window Tinting

There are several aftermarket accessories for your vehicle offered to spice up the look of your ride. Tinted windows also known as privacy windows is one of them. It's not just the sharp look it gives, but it has other benefits as well.  For instance, tint protects your car's interior from sunlight's UV Rays. Car window tinting can block up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Tint also has the benefit of shattered glass protection along with privacy and security.

You could install tint yourself, but if you’re not a professional it will never look perfect, either because it's been cut to short, or bubbles. So why not have it done by a Professional Window Tinting company. You will save on time and frustration.  Let the pros at U'GO Pros help install the tint in your vehicle.

Windshield Replacement/ Repair

Windshield of your car is obviously a body component of high importance. Old seals or damaged windshields can cause problems especially in extreme weather conditions. Here at U'GO Pros we have highly skilled service providers who can fix that crack that appeared after being hit by the debris on the freeway. They can repair the small cracks or replace the full windshield depending on the repair needed. For Auto Windshield Replacement Our pros are experienced, insured, and ready to replace or repair your car's glass.  Send for a quote or for the more urgent issue you can send an instant request.  U’GO Pros makes it easy for you.

Electronics- alarm, remote start, audio, etc

There some electronic accessories available in the market that will give your vehicle not just the best looks but also better performance. Remote start, rear back up camera, car alarm, DVD/Stereo Systems, while these are just a few accessories the list can go on.   U'GO Pros has given you the option to have any service needed completed through our app.  The pros are ready to complete the task you need. 


Tires without a doubt is a crucial aspect of your vehicle. Tires are another component that we do not check until something happens, such as a flat on the way to work, or your car has a shake, or pull.  Worn tires can contribute to many other mechanical issues.  Whether you need tire repair or tire replacement U'GO Pros wants to give you options.  You can request this service on our app.

Auto Mechanic (certified) gas/diesel

Your vehicle is in constant need of Maintenance and Repair. When these are ignored it could shorten the life of your vehicle and possibly cause you injury. Looking for the right professional is hard to do when you are desperate to get the work complete at a reasonable price. Because our professionals are licensed and insured you can feel at ease with selecting one of our Pros.  Anything from brakes, suspension, engine.  Our pros can complete the task.  You post the project and select the pro and estimate of your choice

U'GO Pros will soon be accessible throughout the nation

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