Save Money on Electricity using LED Lamps

Save Money on Electricity using LED Lamps

Are you tired of a mountain of bills piling up in your household? Well, there is a strategy to cut down at least on that hectic electricity bill in the form of LED lamps, easy ways to save money on Electricity. LED represents the light which emits diode. It is an efficient lighting technology which is in rapid use in most households which can be provided by LED lighting professional services.

The higher the quality of the LED lamp, the greater the durability which is way better compared to other sources of lighting and the lower the electric bill.

With the help of a qualified service provider like the U’GO Pros, you can reduce your household electricity consumption rapidly with LED lighting. The LED lamps are a great choice since there are no filament, glass envelop, gas or mercury in the lamps. The LED light bulbs are a viable alternative when it comes to saving money on energy.

Currently, there are a host of industrial and household goods which offer LED lighting in California and even Ohio. There is rapid manufacturing to meet the consumer demands of less expensive and energy saving light bulbs.

What does a LED do and How we Save Energy?

LED energy bulbs save energy efficiently to a large extent with the potential of shaping up the entire lighting structure across the world. There are various types of LEDs with others being used for household purposes such as lighting. According to a qualified LED lighting service provider, the LED lamps can save up to 75% of your total energy consumption. They are also more durable compared to other incandescent lighting. You can make savings in your household and reduce the stress of hectic electricity bills.

Types of LED lamps

There exists a wide variety of LED lighting designs which you can choose from and which fit into your household. With technological advancements, you can access a wide range of styles inclusive of tubes, reflectors, golf balls, GLS and candles. Each design is fitted with varying powers which translated to the standard incandescent bulbs. Here is a list of some of the LED light bulb;

1. LED Color

The light is emitted from the normal energy efficient light bulbs in three different varieties, including:

  • Warm light which is used in most households and is similar to the current halogen bulbs.
  • The color which resembles the color of fluorescent tubes which are common in shops and offices.
  • The daylight color which is a stark white light and also has a bit of blue which is harnessed for showcasing the real color.

2. Dimmer Switches

Compared to other light bulbs, you can harness the dimmer switch with LED lighting. However, the twist is that the normal dimmer switch which may have worked together with the incandescent bulb may not work with the LED lighting and will call for replacement. This is because the LED lighting works with a low wattage compared to other bulbs.


The stands for SMD, especially for the Surface Mounted Device form part of the new generation of LED lighting. An interesting feature is the SMD chips which add more brightness hence making it a viable choice for offices and household.

4. LED Lighting Tubes

The LED lighting tubes are designed in a manner which replaces the fluorescent tunes and in other cases act as replacements. With other tube designs, you will need to rewire and also new ballast. This works by providing a different series of smaller LED light together with the length of the tube. They are available in several sizes.

How long do light bulbs last?

The brightest LED bulbs generally have a longer lifespan compared to other bulbs which are one of their biggest advantages compared to the lifecycles of other bulbs. The million dollar question is how long do LED lights last? LED lightest are economically expensive since they use less electricity compared to other sources of lighting and don’t require constant replacement hence becoming a sound investment. Here is a list of the lifespan of other bulbs;

  • Halogen bulb – 2000 hours
  • Incandescent bulbs – 1000 hours
  • Compact fluorescent lamp – 15000 hours

Daily Usage

The daily usage of the LED lamps about the amount of time differs from household to household. Below is a list of the usage estimations which you can judge the lifespan of energy efficient light bulbs:

  • 12 hours daily – 11.4 years
  • 18 hours daily – 7.6 years
  • 24 hours daily – 5.7 years

How can you tell when to replace your LED recessed light bulbs?

LED bulbs do not constantly burn out compared to incandescent bulbs, but it is simple to tell in case you need to replace the LED lighting when it starts to lose the element of brightness. The LED reaches its end of the lifespan when the brightness reduced to 70% of its original brightness. At this point, it can only last for 50,000 hours.

LED light how much does it cost to run a light bulb?

Are you looking forward to reducing your household’s electricity bill? Well, the LED lighting is the best alternative compared to the incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The LED light bulbs last more than 50 times compared to incandescent energy bulbs while delivering quality light. They are also much more bright and efficient in energy consumption.

save money on electricity
LED lighting services

The LED lighting is becoming prevalent over the past years when it is combined with the government programs for energy reductions in other regions. LED lights can currently be obtained at low prices with special discounts.

Even though at first glance, the high prices that LED lights to fetch might be financially disapproving, but it comes with significant high longevity ratings, and it is also environmentally sound.

How can you access LED lighting services?

The LED lighting is cost-efficient with less consumption of energy to save money on electricity you from large electric bills. In addition to reducing your monthly electric bills, you will also be reducing your footprint in the environment. The LED lighting is also manufactured from non-poisonous materials and is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Outdoor LED lighting systems, especially in Brevard County in Space Coast Florida has become a trend for many users since it is attractive and at the same time saves the energy consumption. You can access a service provider with experience in LED lighting services. You can seek the services of a professional to help with the installation of the LED lighting systems.

At U’GO Pros, you can access different professional services such as LED lighting services replacements, installations, electric rewiring and electric repair, among other services. You can contact them to access professional electrician services through their official website

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