How to fix When Your Car Engine Overheats!

How to fix When Your Car Engine Overheats!

Your car is/ has begun to overheat!-| car engine services Now what? If you smell or see smoke it is important to pull over and exit your vehicle ASAP. When your car completely overheats it can leave you frantic. This can happen with the age of your vehicle, or the neglect you have the maintenance. When you get to know your car you will notice the warning signs it sends even if it’s going to overheat Contact Auto Mechanic Services in USA Near you. You want to catch this before it’s too late. Even a well-maintained engine can still overheat at a moment’s notice. Causes can include extreme temperature, or steady stop and go traffic. Most overheating causes are from mechanical problems. Usually, your car overheating is caused by your vehicle’s cooling system.

Engine Temperature and Dashboard Warning Lights

Your vehicle was designed to give you advanced warning on the vehicle’s performance. Looking at the temperature gauge or paying attention to vehicle warning lights such as your check engine is important. Do not ignore the warning signs, it will cost you more in the long run. If you see your oil pressure getting to high/low, or your temperature getting too high, it may be time to contact your Best Auto Repair Service USA provider. 

Smoke coming from Engine

A steady cloud of steam coming from under your vehicle’s hood as you sit at a stoplight is an obvious sign of a serious problem. No matter what the cause is, smoke means it’s crucial to get the car to a safe place to make sure the engine doesn’t get any hotter. If the engine gets hotter it will cause even more serious problems possibly causing the need for an engine replacement and Call for Auto Mechanic Services in USA. Florida for car engine services

Hoses, Thermostats, and Other Parts

Worn or defective parts are the culprit to your vehicle’s issue. Regular maintenance is the cheapest way to prevent costly issues. A simple look over, checking all your hoses, thermostat, and belts, electrical connections on a regularly costs much less than a new car or the expensive repairs. Going to the Best Oil Change Full Service, car engine services company to get that oil change is great. But maintenance is far more than that. Usually before a part fails there are some warning signs. And in some cases, age may be simply the reason for part malfunction.

What to Do if the Engine Overheats

 Safety is the first priority. If you can’t pull over, try to disperse the heat away from the engine, by turning your heater all the way up. If it is hot outside then roll down your windows to let the heat out. If you’re stuck in that stop and go traffic, try to keep extra distance between you and the car in front of you, this way you can avoid stopping constantly while an engine is running. This is the time you should call for help if needed.

If your engine has cooled and there’s no more steam, then you can inspect the radiator for a leak. Look under your vehicle to see if there is a puddle that formed. Grab some type of cloth as you open cap of the radiator, look away from it just in case there’s still a lot of pressure built up.

The antifreeze will come out with force and potentially hit your face. If needed add antifreeze (designated for your vehicle) and water. Adding only water to the radiator or coolant tank can do a lot of damage to an overheated engine. If you only have water but no antifreeze don’t attempt to add anything. If you have roadside assistance it is always nice to have the option to call for a tow truck. Unless you’ve got the expertise to check, a tow truck is probably your best option. See an Expert for Repairs that specialize in Automotive Engine Service and Repairs. Looking for pros to complete your Auto Service needs to check us out at

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