Protecting Your Pipes For Longevity

Protecting Your Pipes For Longevity

The Space Coast area around Florida has been famous for decades, the home of the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, where NASA holds its shuttle launches. However, far more than just a tourist attraction, Brevard County, Commercial Plumbing Contractors Florida is home to over half a million people, and they have homes just like everyone else.

Unlike everyone else, however, this area of the Sunshine State deals with a lot of harsh weather and it can be hard to maintain a home without issues. One of the biggest issues residents deal with is with their pipes.

From PVC pipes to old-school copper and everything in between, many of the homes in this area are old and thus have plumbing and pipes that are harder to maintain. This is why U’GO Pros are here, a name you can trust, to help you fix any plumbing or pipes problem you have Plumber in usa. Though before you contact a professional, make sure you’re personally doing all you can to keep your pipes in working order.

5 Tips for Plumbing and Pipe Maintenance

1: Prevent Clogs

You have a lot of different plumbing pipes in the home, and any of them could become clogged. Please take care to notice what you’re putting down your pipes. A lot of people think this means only what you’re flushing down the toilet, but it also goes for all your sinks and tubs. Installing screens over-top your drains will go a long way to helping you prevent those annoying clogs. A service provider would love your business, of course, but you can still prevent service with regular maintenance.

2: No Harsh Chemicals

Those drain-cleaning chemicals have fancy commercials and lead people to believe that dumping a jug of gunk down their drains is the solve-all. However, with different plumbing pipes of all types, the chemicals can eat away at the pipes, especially older ones that aren’t pvc pipe, and cause more harm than good. If you cannot prevent a clog, contact a service professional before you use harsh chemicals.

3: Reduce Your Pressure

High pressure can wreak havoc on your pipes. You can get a hose bib gauge, or have a service provider perform a check. You can remove air from pipes to help maintain them, and bringing the pressure down to under 85 psi will go a really long way to keeping your pipes functioning correctly for a long time. In reality, it might be more affordable and beneficial to you to have someone check, rather than buying an expensive piece of equipment that you’re only going to use one time, for one thing.

4: Soften Your Water

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. This can build up inside your pipes, or even cause them to erode. It’s also bad for dishes, clothing, cleaning, and certainly bad for drinking. You want to soften your water, as best you can. This is something you can do yourself, or with the help of a Professional Plumber in Florida USA service provider.

5: Clear Your Sewer Lines

While this is something that you likely cannot do yourself, it is something that’s easy and affordable for a service professional to do, and you will only have to do it every few years. Cleaning out your sewer lines help you prevent damage that can occur from roots and limbs and other debris. A sewage backup can be harmful in myriad ways, not only costing you tens of thousands in repairs but also risking your health with the raw sewage. Regular maintenance can definitely help here.

Other Unforeseen Issues

Although there are many things that you can personally do by yourself to maintain the integrity of your pipes, to ensure they’re always functioning as highly as possible, there are going to be some things that you just cannot account for. Here are a couple of things that you can chalk up in the “bad luck” category for a lot of homeowners. Houses on the Space Coast in Florida are no strangers to the myriad of everyday issues, and a few unlucky people have encountered problems like these.

The Water Hammer

Knowing how to prevent or resolve water hammer is great, but the everyday homeowner in no way is generally skilled enough to even know what this issue is, much less to fix it. Water hammer, often called fluid hammer, happens when a fluid in motion through your pipes is forced to change direction. This can happen with the sudden closing of a valve in a pipeline system, and for other reasons. The damage from such an incident can be catastrophic and actually spread to multiple pipes in the home. While it is on the rare side, it’s an issue that can wreak havoc. So don’t go closing off any valves without the help of a professional. This isn’t the only cause, but it is one of them.

Air in the Pipes

Having air in your pipes is a lot more common. If you’ve ever heard your pipes rattling and shaking, or seen them vibrating, this is likely caused by air trapped inside of the water flow. You can stop these symptoms when you remove air from pipes, but it’s often more complicated than simply allowing the water to run. You may need to contact a service professional to assist with this task.

Knowing how to protect your plumbing pipes from damage or corrosion is essential to a healthy Complete plumbing services, and also key to saving you a lot of time and money. Having to get the pros out there every time something goes wrong can obviously get tedious and expensive. Therefore, it stands to reason that you yourself should be performing regular maintenance on all the pipes in your home.


Though we also understand that the average person just doesn’t have the skill and wherewithal to maintain their pipes in every aspect. So, should the unforeseen arise and you’re a resident of Brevard County, just know that the U’GO Pros is here to assist you with any problem, big or small, a name you can trust Plumber in usa. No matter the type of pipe, no matter the issue, you have a team of professionals out there who can quickly solve the problem for you.  For more information visit

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