Auto Detailing, more than just a Wash!

Auto Detailing, more than just a Wash!

Automotive Detailing goes far beyond a basic wash and wax that you receive, or Auto Detailing Services in USA at an automatic car wash and examines how to revitalize the appearance of the vehicle from every angle.

If you are like most people, you like cars that look clean, shiny, and new. New cars wouldn’t sell very well if they were sold with junk in the trunk, brake dust on the wheels, foggy greasy smears on the windows and dingy carpets. Yet, you may find that keeping your vehicle in perfect showroom condition at all times is next to impossible.

The solution is to hire a professional automotive detailer. When you have your vehicle prepped for appearances by a professional like the detailers, you can keep restoring that original newness over and over again.

U’GO Pros are known by many to be the most qualified service provider for detail work in the Space coast Florida region. They are the detailer that the stars can go to when they need an exotic supercar prepped for a photo shoot. They are also the detailer that ordinary working-class Floridians can call when they want to add curb appeal to their homes. When you need a quality detail service provider in Brevard County or anywhere in the Space coast Florida region, give U’GO Pros a call.

Various Car Detailer Services

Car Detailing Services is generally divided into two categories: Exterior Detailing and Interior Detailing. Some also consider the engine bay to be a third and separate area. However, unless you are taking your vehicle to a car show, you probably don’t need more than a basic cleaning of oil and sludge in this area. Let’s consider the different types of exterior and interior car detailing services below.

#1: Bug and Tar Removal

The first step in renewing the image of your vehicle starts with bug and tar removal. Bugs and tar marks often build upon the lower parts of the chassis and on the headlights. Special cleaning compounds may be used to remove tar. Bugs usually can be sprayed off with a hose or using a special cleaning compound that gently removes organic matter.

#2: Washing and Drying

Fully washing and drying your vehicle is the next step in the process. However, the devil is in the details when it comes to Detailers. When a vehicle is detailed, the detailer uses the premium car wash products that gently lift the dirt off the vehicle without creating any micro scratches in the paint.

Most detailers use the two-bucket method and special car shampoos that have a lot of suds to safely lift and envelope the dirt particles. The two-bucket method uses two large 5-gallon buckets with one containing the suds and the other used to rinse out the wash mitt in between sections.

A detailer washes the car by working his way down from the roof to the hood, truck, doors, and finally the front and rear fascias. A special brush and cloth are used to clean the wheels. Each section should be wiped dry with a clean microfiber cloth once the washing phase is finished.

#3: Polishing

If you have any fine lines in your clear coat that are making it look dull, polishing may be the solution. A detailer may decide to polish your vehicle with an orbital polisher or by hand by applying a car polish compound to a microfiber cloth or cover. The polish will gently cut into the clear coat and create a smoother and more uniform surface that restores the original shine. This is commonly followed by a second light washing to remove any residual compound left behind.

#4: Waxing and Sealing

At this point, you can either wax or seal the vehicle. Some detailers, prefer to only use sealant where wax won’t work on parts made of rubber, undercarriage parts, and vinyl. Other detailers may combine coats of sealant and wax. Because products may have different ingredients that interact in unique ways, detailers all have their secret formulas to produce the most enduring protection and shine.

Waxing usually involves the application of a hard paste Carnauba wax carefully over each metal body panel. The wax is then rubbed off using a clean microfiber cloth once it has dried. This gives the car warm and glowing candy wax because candy manufacturers use the same Brazilian palm wax to make their candies shine so brightly.

Some people don’t like sealants because they arguably can lodge into the surface of the paint and make it difficult to clean. You can become dependent upon restoring layers of sealant on top of old layers to maintain a finish. The paint can absorb more heat and fade prematurely. It may also be harder to repaint it. Others swear by sealants because they think the shine is more natural and that the UV and water protection are superior.

#5: Vacuuming

The interior reconditioning usually begins with a thorough vacuum cleaning to remove all the loose dirt particles. The detailer may add baking soda or another carpet deodorizer to the carpets and upholstery during the vacuuming phase. Vacuuming and wiping the dashboard and door cards clean is usually included. Some detailers will use vinyl polish while others may not.

#6: Brushing and Steam Cleaning

The Detailer will then move on to brushing and steam cleaning the carpets to remove any residual grime that has set into the fibers of the carpet too deeply to vacuum out. You would be surprised at how well the cleaning can work to restore even very light upholstery and carpets to gleaming whiteness again.

#7: Glass Cleaning

The coolest step is glass cleaning. When a detailer cleans the glass, inside and out, he can make the glass look so transparent that you will have difficulty determining whether the windows are opened or not. This clear visibility is very desirable for driving, not just show.

#8: Leather Trimming

If you have leather upholstery and trimming, your detailer will likely use a special restorer or conditioner to clean and protect the leather. So many amazing leather products have come on the market that can revive even the oldest leather and make it look like fresh new leather again.

#9: Perfuming

Qualified automotive detailers in Brevard county use all sorts of perfumes, essential oils, and deodorizers to get your vehicle smelling good again. They may even use enzyme-based cleaners to eliminate organic odors that grow as a result of moisture.

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