General Information

What are the benefits of using U’GO Pros?

U’GO Pros is free to use, supports local businesses, and connects you with a vast number of services. You can book and manage projects through the convenience of our app .

Do you vet professionals before their services are made available?

Not only do we make sure that each professional has a proper business license, we also vet for the quality of work, timeliness, and overall professionalism.

Can I set up notifications?

Yes, you can receive notifications by updating your settings in the app. Just click on the menu bar in the top left-hand corner, scroll down to settings, and turn notifications on.

How do I track my expenses?

You can not only add credits for larger projects, but you can see all the jobs closed and completed in your account. This way you can go back and see all your expenses.


Where can I use U’GO Pros?

All services must be contracted and completed within the United States. Services are not supported in any U.S. territories.

What if I can’t find the service I need?

We are constantly working to improve access for consumers. If a service you are looking for is not available, we would love to hear from you so that we can improve access to professionals in your area. Please email us at info@ugopros.com.

Can I request a service for a location I’m not currently at?

Of course! Once you are logged into the app, you can update the address that is on file to change it to a new location.

Ordering a Service

Can I order a service for someone else?

Yes. The service you request will come out of the payment method on file. It doesn't matter the location or for which individual. As long as you agree to the terms and the final price the project will be completed.

How can I request a rush job or an emergency service?

You can rush your request by utilizing the Instant request option. This will connect you with the first available professional qualified to address your needs.

Instant Service

What is Instant Service?

Instant service connects you with the first available professional to address your needs. While receiving free quotes, you get to choose the professional to help you with your project.

Do you have to pay an additional fee for Instant Service?

There is no additional charge for Instant Service.


Is the price that I’m quoted exactly what I’ll pay?

The estimate that you accept will be the payment that is taken from the payment method on file. This amount will be held until the final price is sent. You will then accept the final price.

Is there a fee to request a quote?

There is no fee to request a quote. You can request as many quotes as you would like!

Am I expected to tip the service provider?

It is not customary to tip a service provider. However, if you find their work to be exceptional we would not discourage it. This would be done outside of our application.

Is there a membership fee?

There are no annual fees.


How do cancellations work?

You can cancel a project anytime. However, once you accept an estimate and the funds are held, you will be charged a 5% cancellation fee.

Rating Consumers & Service Providers

Do professionals actually rate their consumers?

Yes! As a commitment to accountability, both professionals and consumers are able to rate their interactions with one another. This is to encourage both courteous behavior and quality of service.

Why are service provider ratings so important?

Ratings help us gauge the quality of the services provided. If an industry professional continues to receive bad ratings, we will suspend them from using U’GO Pros. It is very important to us that we have the top professionals in each industry completing your projects.

U’GO Pros vs “The Other Guys“

Why should industry professionals sign up for U’GO Pros?

U’GO Pros allows you to connect with local consumers quickly. Starting an account is free along with sending quotes. Once projects that we connect you with are completed, you will receive a small processing fee of 10%, 8%, or as low as 6% on completed projects over $6001. We don't expect you to pay for a job that you do not receive. By signing up now we wave the annual subscription fee for life.

General Information

How many employees can I add as active users in my account?

There is no limit. You can assign as many employees as you would like. You can also reassign jobs to different employees if you need to.

How do I set up notifications?

Notifications along with online settings are in your settings tab. At the top of the menu area is a little button put you online or offline. This is for the instant availability option.

Is there a way to track my business use of U’GO Pros?

In our system, you can see all your past invoices along with current open projects.


Where can I use U’GO Pros?

You can select how far you are willing to provide services. This could be from 0 to 100 miles. This ultimately depends on how far you are willing to travel to complete a service.

Can I change the range of my search for consumers?

You can update the range in your account. In your profile, you can change the range by adding or subtracting categories. This can all be done in the settings tab.

Instant Service

What is the advantage of Instant Service?

Instant Service allows you to quickly connect with consumers who need your help fast!

Does Instant Service cost more?

No, there are no additional charges for Instant Service.


Is the price that I quoted exactly what I have to charge?

No this is not the case. We know that jobs often have surprises. After the job is complete, you will enter the final cost for the consumer to accept.The estimate reserves that money from the user's account.

Is there a fee to send a quote?

No! We are committed to keeping quotes free for professionals.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee.


How do cancellations work?

Once you send an estimate the consumer’s account will be charged for that amount. If the consumer cancels after the estimate is sent, they will be charged a 5% cancellation fee. This is what it would cost to process this transaction.

Rating Consumers & Service Providers

Can I rate my consumers?

Yes! We are committed to keeping both users and consumers accountable.

Why are rating so important for me?

Your ratings are visible to all consumers considering your services as a professional. This is the reputation of your business. If you fall below a certain standard, you would then be suspended from our services until other documents are retrieved.