Privacy Policy


U’GO Pros Inc. (“U’GO Pros”, the “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) is committed to the privacy of activity and information on your account. By accepting our terms and conditions, you also accept this privacy policy, regardless of which platform you are using, or your location at the time you establish an account. U’GO Pros may update our privacy policy as necessary changes are required, but it is solely your responsibility to review these changes every time you use our services

Information We Collect

Whenever you create an account, post a question, request or complete a job, or update your personal profile we record that information. This information may include: name, email, phone number, address, location, profile picture, payment method, type of job requested, or any questions or issues you may have had. Any information that is gathered by U’GO Pros is for the sole purpose of improving our services to you, our users.

How Do We Collect It?

We collect this information through the use of technologies such as 'cookies' and web beacons. The use of these helps us to better analyzing trends and common needs of users, authenticate accounts, remember user preferences, and generally understanding the online behaviors and interests of people like you. Remember, you have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies from U’GO Pros. However, this is an important part of how our service works. It would be important to note that if you choose not to accept cookies, this could negatively affect functionality of our services.


Your information will not be shared or disseminated for Pros marketing or research purposes. There are only a few reasons why your information would ever be shared with anyone other than U’GO Pros. For instance:

  • Legal Requirements:

    We may disclose your information when required by law so as to: (a) comply with subpoenas, court orders, or other legal instruments; (b) establish or exercise our legal rights including enforcing and administering agreements between users and service providers; or (c)defend U’GO Pros against official legal claims made against the company.

  • Personal Consent:

    If you provide explicit consent to share your information with another party for any reason of your choosing, we would be happy to oblige that request in a timely manner. You may authorize this consent for a single instance or indefinitely as you so choose, and can retract that given consent at any time.

  • Suspicion of Illegal Activity:

    If at any time the Company determines that there is evidence inherent in your account information that strongly suggests the existence of some illegal activity, U’GO Pros, in its sole discretion, will exercise its right to deliver such information to the appropriate authorities.

  • Organizational Changes:

    If at any time the ownership of the company changes in any way (such as a sale, acquisition, merger, or partnership), the information of users may be among the assets transferred.