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U’go Pros makes it easy for you to run your business, while mastering your skill. We provide you with business tools while connecting you to clientele.


1. With U’GO you have access to many tools

Our software provides you with a CRM platform to help you run your business smoothly.

  • You can manage your employees by assigning projects.
  • Keep track of all invoices sent from your profile.
  • Scheduling feature to help from double booking
  • Receive leads & send quotes at no cost.
  • Chat with your customers using text, pics, and vid
With U’GO you have access to many tools
Choose the job you want

2. Choose the job you want

You will receive a notification through our app when a new project related to you is requested. You will see details along with images from your potential client. You can choose if you want to send a quote or pass it on to another Pro. If you are too busy to accept, then that's ok as well. When projects come through, you name your price and your company information. We thrive on seeing your company grow!

3. Processing fee as low as 2% on completed projects over $20001

We will never charge you for leads. Doesn't make sense! Our processing fee only comes once you make money! This is our no risk guarantee. We don't hide anything from you.

Processing Fee

How it Works?

Customers come to U'GO Pros looking for a vested/ trusted professional. We accept any non commissioned service company to partner with us. Your company will fit into one of three categories: Home, Auto, or Exclusive. Services from a roofer, to a mechanic, or a DJ. If you offer a service and you are a company that is registered with your state, along with having insurance you fit perfectly as a partner of U'GO Pros.

Name your price!
Step 1
Name your price!
  • Receive and view instant or scheduled project requests
  • Send quote
  • Send your availability/time
Step 2
the job is yours!
  • Confirm date, time and location
  • Start project or assign your employee(s)/teams get to
Job completed
Step 3
Job completed
  • Submit final price in the app
  • Customer will get notification to confirm job
  • If user has issue, you will be notified to rectify
Get paid
Step 4
Get paid
  • All projects will be saved
  • Assign/save invoices
  • Track your earnings

Nothing Hidden from you!

No cost to join

No cost to join. Never pay to send online estimates.

U’GO Pros understands you have the skill to get the projects complete.

You have no risks! No sign up or subscription fees.

There is a processing fee of 10% and can get as low as 2% on projects you complete through our app.

Nothing hidden from you!.