Auto Services

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Your vehicle is one of the important accessories you have in your life. You don't realize how much you need it until it's down for the count. Then you are left stranded. Whether it's just a beater or a diamond that you got to select yourself, you have a van, sports car, sedan, or a truck. This vehicle takes you to work, on dates, shopping, etc. You want take care of your vehicle because it takes care of you.

Unfortunately, most vehicles are just used and abused. Besides putting gas in it, many individuals only fix things when they hear a noise or something drastic happens. Your vehicle should be maintained for a longer life. Basic maintenance can help your car survive well over the 200k mile marker. Though you keep it maintained you still will have those unexpected factors that are out of your control.  Pot Holes, Nails, dead battery, or that check engine light that magically appeared. U'GO Pros has brought you a team of professionals that are available to come to your doorstep or that has a place ready at their shop.  You put out your request and then select the pro or location of your choice. The service doesn't just stop at mechanical repairs, but we have auto detailing, roadside assistance, tinting, and more

Auto Mechanic (certified) gas/diesel
Detailing Exterior/Interior Wash
Electronics- alarm, remote start, audio, etc
Window Tinting
Windshield Replacement/ Repair