You Look Under The Sink To Find A Leak With The Garbage Disposal

You Look Under The Sink To Find A Leak With The Garbage Disposal

When you look under your sink and see a leak one of the first things, that is assumed is time to get new clogged garbage disposal, but this isn’t the case. For the most part, if you are leaking around your disposal it is because of a faulty plumbing pipe or poor installation. So check the plumbing and the mounting hardware mounting to the sink itself. If you notice you’re still having the leaks it’s the time to get in touch with your Best Plumbing Services in USA and local plumbing services.

Many homeowners have the luxury of having a garbage disposal to help make cleaning dishes easier, along with keeping the pipes clear of large food particles. Some may have never thought about getting garbage, disposal until they bought their first house which just happened to have one. This was the case for me (You can call Best Plumbing Services USA).

I happen to see random light switch by the sink (Being young at the time, not knowing) and turned it on. I then heard this loud growl yell at me from the sink. This was my first run with the garbage disposal.

Having a garbage disposal has been great but can put you in a panic if you start to have some issues. When problems arise you can start to notice strange smells coming from the sink. You can notice when you flip the power switch you don’t hear the disposal running, or you notice that water is continuing to clog. What we have here are 5 simple solutions that you can try to help get your clogged garbage disposal back in operation, before you decide to go out and purchase a new one or call on that Best Plumbing Services in USA AKA the professionals. Yes, this is a quick DIY for you.

There Is A Clogged Garbage Disposal

One of the first misconceptions of garbage disposal is that it has blades so it can eat through anything. Though yes there are extreme safety precautions (LIKE DON’T PUT YOUR HAND IT THERE WHILE RUNNING). I will share with you the not so obvious things that you should avoid putting in the disposal. The list here; oil, grease, or any nonfood item.

Though it is commonly known to dispose of food there are some foods that can cause more damage. This is starchy (rice) or stringy produce (celery, corn husks, asparagus, etc. Can get wrapped up in blades), fruit pits or seeds (Can damage blades), pasta (Gets super sticky and can clog), Bones, coffee, and eggshells.  

Any of these things can cause a problem or cause the disposal to become clogged or overloaded. Before you put your hand in there to check for a clog reach under the sink to unplug the unit. This only takes a second as well as someone coming from behind to turn on the disposal to scar you. or call Best Plumbing Services in USA

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Better safe than sorry. After you confirmed all the disposal is no longer clogged you can plug back in, turn on cold water and test unit. If the unit still seems clogged get a ¼ Allen wrench to put at the bottom. At the bottom of the unit directly in the center, there is a hole that fits that wrench. Place in the hole and turn back and forth until it feels free.

While you are under there look for a red (most of the time. It could be color of the unit) button to push for reset (Will explain a little better in point 3. If you are unsuccessful try a broom handle in the sink and try to turn blades that way. If your problem is unresolved then you can contact your local plumber.

The Garbage Disposal Just Simply Isn’t Working/Running-

My first garbage disposal was the first appliance that broke in my house. So I thought. This was until I turned to YOUTUBE as I’m sure many out there do the same. What I didn’t know was garbage disposals have a safety switch feature that when it is overloaded it trips the circuit underneath. But before we get into this feature there is a step you should look at. Most houses have a GFCI outlet around the sink.

Test those outlets to confirm the outlets have not tripped or that the unit simply hasn’t come unplugged. From here you can proceed to narrow the problem to your garbage disposal. This is for when the unit is overloaded from a clog which again could be caused by the things that shouldn’t be put in the garbage disposals (See point 1) or maybe large food articles, or power issues.

So once you hit this red reset button, also check for a free spinning blade from underneath with that ¼ Allen wrench. If you can’t reset or freely spin blade then you have given it your best shot. It would then be time to contact your home warranty if you have one or contact your best local plumbing service.

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